Cyprus residency & passport​​​​​​​
Get a European Union resident status & passport
Cyprus residency and passport​​
Cyprus is an island in the mediterranean sea  and a member of the European Union.  Apply for permanent residence and passport and get one of the best passports in the world.   We have a dedicated team of lawyers, immigration specialists and financial advisors, who can guide and assist you in each and every step.  


Cyprus residency
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With an investment to buy a new residence / house of only €300,000 within 2 months, you may get Cyprus permanent residency.  You and your family enjoy the benefits of becoming resident to the safest European Union member country.  You do not need to leave physically in Cyprus to maintain your residency.
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Cyprus citizenship & passport

With an investment of €2 million in a private residence, OR €500,000 to buy a residence / house and an additional 3 year investment of €2 million, you and your family, may obtain a Cyprus passport in a period of six months.  YHaving a European Union member passport allows you free travel / work / stay in the EU and visa free to more than 150 countries.  You do not need to leave physically in Cyprus to maintain your citizenship and passport, which is for life.
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Express service, expert team

You may obtain permanent residency in 2 months and citizenship / passport in 6 months.  Our team consists of professional lawyers, financial professionals and immigration consultants who guarantee a reliable service without hidden agendas and who can assist you on each and everystep.
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The Cyprus citizenship and passport program is one of the best and more secure programs in the world.  With one application and in less than 6 months, you and your family including your parents may obtain the Cyprus citizenship and passport.  The requirement is to invest €2 million in commercial and other investments and €0,5 million in residential property.  Your commercial property and investments, may be sold after three years if you wish.  There are no requirements to speak the language or live in Cyprus.
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Nicos Constantinou, CE0
Permanent residency
Citizenship & Passport
Key facts

  • Investment of €300,000 euro for buying a residence
  • Resicency applies for the whole family (Parents, Children. Grandparents)
  • European Union residency travel benefits
  • Family can enjoy in Cyprus best schools, best weather and safety
  • Cyprus is one of the best financial centres in the world
  • Residency is for life

Key facts

  • Investment of €500,000 euro in buying a residence
  • Investment of €2 million for three years
  • Citizenship and passport applies for the whle family (Parents, Children. Grandparents)
  • European Union passport with visa free travel to more than 150 countries
  • Citizenship and passport is for life
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